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The sight of rotting flesh greet my eyes,
as the smell of death perfume the morning air.
How much more drunk with blood has the world has become?
How many more have offered their lifeless bodiees for the vultures endless feast?
Shall I join them or actually live to see the bloody sun set?

Ha! Maybe I will! maybe I won't!
Why should I bother myself with Life's questions?
There is still much more blood to be shed. Isn't there?
Why drink from the fountain of Life?
When I can swim in the sea of my enemy's blood instead?

It's my job.
Isn't it?
To kill as many of the "enemy" I possibly can.
What soldier has time for morals and values?
When our orders are to show no mercy for the so called enemy!?

Enemy! Who is this enemy?
Is it the Iranians, the Russians, the Koreans?
The Chinese, the Americans, the Jews?
Is it Christians? Is it Muslims?
God knows who!

Ah! Here's a novel idea! Maybe it's ourselves!
Could we possibly be...the enemy?
I live for war. I admit it.
I've been trained to kill and destroy;
to murder without remorse or a single tear.

I was there when whole villages were destroyed.
I saw women and children burn't alive.
I saw tears in those innocent eyes.
I heard their heart renching cries for mercy...
and laughed in their face!!!

What did they expect?
One need a heart to feel.
Mine was buried the minute i became a true soldier,
as day by day my soul wasted away.
The result...the cold-hearted man i am today.

I torture my enemies as their cries become music to my ears;
their tears, a river of pure delight to rinse my bloody hands;
their blood...O precious...innocent...blood...
the red wine with which i toast my country's victory!
ha! Victory! Hahaha! Sweet, bloody, victory!

And now i'm here again,
surrounded by a sea of lifeless corpses;
bodies of my enemies as well as my bloody friends.
They're dead to me all the same.
They're casualties of war according to the Government.

I call them human weapons of mass destruction;
Heartless soldiers of death;
Men without true morals, values and life;
but slaves to this bloody war.!

It's our job!
Our job to wear this bloody uniform.
Our job to let our blood stained hands kill again and again.
Our job to turn a blind eye to the death of the innocent.
While the world goes on in blissful ignorance.

We live for war.
bloody soldiers are we.
Bloody men weilding death,
to man, woman and child alike.
We!We live for WAR!!!
This is the third in a trilogy war poem i've made:thumb300547423:

Check out my next two war poems

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Each of the three poems are quite different and are written from different perspectives:)

Don't get me wrong.....i'm not saying that EVERY single soldier on this planet is hearless damned murderous evil cruel man. There are some "good" soldiers. But that doesn't take away from the fact that at least some of what i write is in fact true.

i REALLY like reading comments and i value you taking the time to write one.:)
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tatterdema1ion Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Student Writer
I rather like this piece. My fiancee's a soldier and he says a lot of the same things that you write (albeit a hint more sarcastically and bitterly). It is, I imagine, a hard poem to swallow for some, though. You've captured a minority view in a world of writers who'd rather idealize or weep. I had a few critiques to suggest, too: "as the smell of death perfume the morning air." perfumeS might work better. Also, in the second line after that there's an extra "e" in bodies. Those suggestions might help it read smoother. I also agree with Thana-Ashoka's critique that a few less exclamation marks might be easier on the reader. Thank you for sharing, and keep it up. :)
Jujutsu Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That is quite powerful. Passion bleeds from the words, which is what makes a good poem, great.

Also, I'm sorry. People close to me have come back very different. [link]

From a contextual perspective, is my humble, inconsequential opinion, that statements are more powerful without exclaimation points. Exclaimation points really are an emphatic tool to show you're exclaiming something! A simple period, however conveys a hallow tone-- something colder. But my thoughts are entirely subjective.

Excellent piece.
DEANJENO--art Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student General Artist
THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote this poem from a sort of third person perspective. I've never personally been in a war but i see it when i watch international news.

to me it seems quite pointless, partly due to the contry i live in and its culture. seriously, you wont see any national of my country jumping on any jet to some other place to get bombed, no offense. my country has NEVER been to war with other on it's own, in the last world wars, we didn't have independence or were a republic yet so we simply had to fight under British rule.

but, now that we have independence, this year being the 50 year anniversary, we dont focuss on war at all. we have and army and law enforcement services etc, but the job description doesn't extend to what the US troops go through.

what's more, drafting is non existent. people who are in the army choose that as their profession just like some choose to be a teacher or lawyer. teenagers ARE NOT drafted into the army.

with all of that, i simply form my opinion on war and those army men outside my country on what i see on tv or hear. for a third person point of view, my poem reflects those ideas.

it doesn't mean it isn't true. there are some pretty sick minded people in the world. but there are also good ones.

i thank you for your comment and my hope is that there are more army personnel out there that are NOT like my poem depicts.:)

p.s. sorry for the late reply.:)
Jujutsu Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
What country do you hail from?
DEANJENO--art Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Trinidad & the the carribbean
Jujutsu Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My friend,

I hope life is kind to you so that you never have to see nor fully understand war. Patriotism is a good thing.
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