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Draw your swords you murderous men.
Draw nigh with your arrows dipped in poison.
Let your lying lips come close to my ear.
Let your deceitful eyes meet mine.

The time has come once again.
The time to reveal your true nature.
You live to shed blood, my "friends".
You live to watch me suffer.

Come now, and pierce my heart once again,
with words that slaughter my very soul;
that cause my life to bleed out inside of me,
with rivers of tears that seem to have no end.

Come. Stare at my suffering,
with pitiless eyes that know no empathy;
with lips shaped in joyous smiles.
With laughter and joy, dance around my pain.

Your venomous words penetrate my being.
I stumble from all the pain of your poison.
Light and life is slowly drained.
Shrouding me in darkness…

Have I pleased you now my "friends"?
In the midst of my pain, I see you laughing.
Surely my suffering was not in vain,
For you are happy.

The earth is made drunk by my blood.
Blood shed to satisfy your evil thirst.
You wield weapons that have the power of life and death.
And with them…you choose to slaughter my soul.

I, your friend, lie here dying.
Drowning in a pool of bloody tears.
Tears, my heart weeps.
Blood, my shattered soul sheds.

Remove the veil of deceit from your eyes.
Let my shed blood whisper to your conscience.
Let it convict your heart
And open your eyes to see the evil you've done.

See the destruction and desolation your tongue has caused.
Be not ignorant of thy bloody deeds any longer.
See the murderer that you are.
Confront your true nature.

With your tongue you have offended.
With your tongue you have slaughtered souls.
You wield a most powerful weapon.
Yet you have chosen to drench your words in venom.

You are wolves in sheep's clothing.
You dress as a saint,
But play the part of a devil.
Hypocrites! You deceive even yourselves.

You ensnare your souls and submerge it in poison.
You make clear thy path into everlasting torment.
You choose death by choosing evil.
Your ill spoken words bear witness against you.

Hasn't enough blood been shed?
Kill not yourselves by continuing down this path.
Bridle thy tongue and save us both the pain
Pain we shall both do better without.
This poem was written with certain of my "friends" in mind.

Special thanks to wongy06[link] and WOLFDRAGON[link] who both helped me overcome the writer's block i got when i first started this poem. :)
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TheEvilOvelords Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Woow O.O

(All I can and have to say ^^)

mockingbird250 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
I LOVE the dark feeling in this! Keep the poems coming! :clap:
wongy06 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
And thank you to you also for linking me in this. XDDD
I'm glad you got over the block. =D
W0LFDRAG0N Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Student Writer
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