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Innocence Defiled

Chaos erupts
in hails of gunfire
and shelling.

Innocence and youth
are drained
from fragile hearts
caught in the crossfire.

If alive, displaced
or wounded
if not physically.

Scorched lands
tiny hands
hands of the young
the future
the scarred future.

Innocence robbed
seeds of hatred and anger sown.
they rise on the corpses
of those they loved
those they deem martyrs.

Forced to set aside childish things.
Forced to surrender their childhood.
Dolls and toys,
replaced with guns.
Education and books,
replaced with knowledge of war
and images of blood and violence.

The sound of laughter
the sound of gunfire
The seeds are being sown in these broken hearts.
Seeds of war still to come
as hatred begets revenge
in lives tossed into wars
that they did not start,
but will continue to avenge those they've lost.

Innocence has been drenched in blood.
It has been defiled,
and buried.

Hearts and minds have been scarred.
The blood of the dead stain the streets
and their stench fills the nostrils of the living.
Homes lie in ruins...
Families torn apart and killed.

The children
They are the victims
Dead, maimed, wounded, alive...
they have been robbed of innocence.
that is the true tragedy.

For what shall stop a new generation
a new generation of fighters from arising?
the children of the dead.
Planted in a war torn land
and fed with the bread of bitterness and resentment.

They want peace.
They want back their innocence.
But can they truly get such priceless innocence back?
Or will the cycle of war continue...
"The cost of war is not cities destroyed.
It is the weapons needed to engage in it.
It is not even the lives lost...

The true cost is the lost of innocence of the surviving children.

such a cost can last for generations to come
and determine the future of a nation."

inspired largely by a documentary i watched on bbc concerning the conflict in Syria and the effects particularly on the children on both sides.....

when i listen to a little boy saying in his own words that age 12 used to be young, but now because of the war at age 12 one should be willingly going up in the war to serve in a jihad... 
he even said he lost his innocence and he's angry at the kids who dont support the side he and his family supports and this little kid states he will kill them when he gets old enough to join whichever group if they dont join his side by then....

this is a little kid. age 12 at most!!

it can bring tears to someone eyes hearing that.

alot of the kids on the documentary talk about wanting the war to end and being able to go back to school and what not.

It was heart-breaking to see children suffer. Dead or alive they are the victims of any war and the ones left to pick up the pieces...
WheresAJacket Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
very good work. 
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