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Below the surface,
Lie dead men's bones.

Rotting coffins
Hold the still remains
Of once strong men
Some who died in vain.

Buried deep
Below piles of earth
The corpses rest
Where no one can hurt.

Below the surface,
Lie dead men's bones.

Bones belonging to the young and old.
Bones of both the rich and poor.
Bones bearing bullet holes.
Bones broken revealing the core.

The corpses lie
Their eyes shut tight;
Their bodies rigid
Like a block of ice.

Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.

The bones of kings are buried here!
... their skeletons wear their jewels now.
The bones of brave warriors doth rest below!
...rusting armour is all that's left to show.

The bones of man. woman and child!
... all descend below our feet when they die.
Bones ... bones ... bones!
Those bloody bones!

Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.

The land is drunk
with the blood of men.
Those corpses and our corpses
A meal without end.

The "famous"
The "influential"
The "great" men of this world!
They all, end up, a pile of bones!

Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.

Numbered among the dead,
Their last words still unspoken.
Their final resting place has been chosen.
They have succumbed to death's constant call.

Daily their numbers grow.
For everyone the end draws nearer.
The day we shall all see shall come.
When death shall finally take hold of us.

Below the surface Lie dead men's bones;
Bones that may belong to us some day.
this is sorta a revised/lengthen version of another one of my poems i posted over a year ago:)

and no, i'm not a pessimistic dark dude ok who goes around thinking about bones lol;)
i was just trying to fit my poem into a theme for a competition and didn't want to rewrite a poem so edited one i already had.:)
(i ended up using another poem for the competition though:D)

Anyway, i'll love to hear your thoughts on this poem:)

comments are GREATLY appreciated!!:D:D:D:D:D
LiteratureQueen Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I kinda find it sound like a song, a great job on this^^
Frostbyter Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Lovely dearie!
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