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hey there:wave: here's my latest artworks:D enjoy!!!!:):):)





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Free counters!


DEANJENO--art has started a donation pool!
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:bulletblue: If you like my art feel free to share a point or two. Every point to me counts :):):)

:bulletblue: also i really like hosting contests now and then in my groups as well as on my profile where i give away points and other stuff. so feel free to donate points so i can continue doing stuff like that as well :)

plz and thank you:)


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If you're interested, there's a 30 day poetry challenge event on facebook inspired by the April poetry month.…
I am the darkness that engulfs your soul
setting ablaze the sanctity of your thoughts.
I am the one to whom all your joy has been sold,
in exchange for this longing...
...this longing that shall not be quenched.

For with a deadly desire you have invoked my presence.
And to you, O master, I will surrender my service.
I shall open your eyes to see more than just your own.
Nay, what good is your own anyways?
When there is so much more you do not possess?

Walk with me and see what you have been missing.
What others have received that you deserve.
My master deserves it all.
For if all men are equal
should not my master equally have what they have to?

Look at them!
Showing off with their brand name shoes and fancy clothes!
They think they're so cool.
They get everything! Everything!
While you lurk in the shadows with your rags.

I know you try...
try to get good grades in your courses.
You even got an "A" once.
You were so happy..
Until... until you found out your best friend got an A+

Why did he have to do that?
Why ?!
Didn't he know how important it was to you ?
Didn't he know you were to be first not him ?
You deserved that A+. You deserved it !!!

Just like you deserved those new shoes... win that competition be first be the best.
You deserve it!

Not them!!!!
You should be enjoying all those stuff!
you should be the one with the fancy car!
You should be the one with all that money!
You should possess these things.

So look at them!
Look at them and let the resentment rise in your heart.
Feed off of me and let me fuel your longing.
Listen to my voice
and let my darkness lead the way.

Your mine.
Your mine.
You shall seek, but not find.
You shall look on them all the more
and to yourself be blind.

Forget what you do have.
For is not what others possess...

So use me my master!
Sin with me!
O won't you sin with me?
For I am ready...
ready to usher you to hell...

a hell on earth
that consumes man inside out
imprisoning his soul
torturing his heart
hurting no one but himself...

Don't you love it?
Don't you love me?
This endless longing
for what is not your own...?

From NV your deadly sin
there's a 30 day poetry challenge open to everyone on facebook.
each day they post a new topic.…

yesterday's was  "● Day 18: A poem about one of the 7 deadly sins.
Describe, but do not name the sin you are writing about. "

tell me what you guys think :)
Sinful Sloth

They say don't do tomorrow what can be done today.
I say why do today what can be done tomorrow?
They say tomorrow may never come.
I say then I better not waste today working then
For who want to spend their last day laboring in the hot sun
when they can relax and die in peace?

They say i should go and get a job.
I say guarding the house is my job.
Big job to!
Who else in the house
could tell you when something run out of the fridge
and call you on your way home to pick it up?

Imagine if you had to come home,
then go back out to the grocery
to come back home again!
Well I home and I have you on speed dial
When any food finish you bet i'll let you know.
So you wont waste time travelling back and forth.

They say I need to get off the couch.
They say I need to exercise.
I say I exercising my mind.
You know how much thing I learning from tv?
Not to mention the internet.
searching through that to find exactly what i want is a workout!

And besides, the other couches there...
and you welcome to join me.
They say they feel sorry for me
and really want to help me.
I say great!
Just hand me them chips and move from front the tv.

They say what I doing should be called a sin.
That I over-doing it now.
I watch them
and think to myself...
"Them crazy...
...cause I not doing a thing.".
Sinful Sloth
there's a 30 day poetry challenge going on where each day they post a new "topic" to write on.
Yesterday's own was 
" Day 18: A poem about one of the 7 deadly sins.
Describe, but do not name the sin you are writing about. "

I added the title after for the purpose of DA

you can find the competition on facebook here…;

I did two poems for yesterday
the other one is entitled "N V

check it out :thumbsup:
been a couple months since i wrote any solid poetry before these two.
tell me what you think.

Oh and the competition event is open to everyone on facebook :D
Rooftop lookout 2 by DEANJENO--art
Rooftop lookout 2
See "Rooftop lockout (bird)"
it has this guy when he isn't puffed up :)
Rooftop lookout (bird) by DEANJENO--art
Rooftop lookout (bird)
not certain the name of this guy either :/
but happy i got the pic :)
  • Mood: Seasonal
  • Eating: pastels and fruit cake
  • Drinking: sorrel
MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May this season be filled with joy and laughter for you
and as you give out gifts
don't forget to receive the greatest gift of God's best for you,
his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. :)

this is the season to be merry
so try to make someone else happy.
You dont have to buy something expensive
and wear yourself and pockets out
But give from your heart
for the right motive is what counts.
a simple smile can tell someone that you care
and a warm hug can brighten anyone's day.
Give from what you have
there's no limit to that
you can even give your time and help someone out.
tell someone "Merry Christmas"
offer to hold the door
or help to carry their stuff.
Every bit of kindness counts! :)
So if you're not happy, why not cheer someone else up
and find joy in giving and loving,
a joy that money can't buy...


DEANJENO--art's Profile Picture
D. Noel
Artist | Student | Varied
Trinidad and Tobago

Hey guys :wave:

as you can see from my gallery i like various types of art including traditional art [like drawing etc.], sculpting, using charcoal and chalk pastels and of course, poetry. :)

i'm more or less a self taught arist when it comes to sculpting :D

feel free to check out my gallery and leave a comment. that'll be GREATLY appreciated! :woohoo:

Enjoy my art lol! :D:D:D


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